Creation Station

So Im back in the studio with Jason, and 2 and half days in my head is well and truly mashed. I am working with Anwar Russell who is a wondrous  brain and energy to be collaborating with. He was a key part of the first development for Res 2014 and I was delighted he was able to continue to work with me on the full length show.

We had a wonderful time with the one and only Bryony Kimmings in December. She worked with us, mentoring the development of the script and in doing so has tugged, questioned, poked, questioned again and poked a bit more. It was truly head flipping, exhilarating and utterly inspiring. She was pretty awesome at pushing my brain in a way that I would often shy away from by making me dig that lil bit deeper.

Its a really weird process taking something that you are already quite proud of and pulling it apart. Knowing that some of my favourite parts may have to be left behind is a lil heartbreaking but I know it has to be done.  Bryony has got us on a firm path to the end. We have our rules, that I am sure we will break, but we are trying to stay on track. At the end of our days together, I was feeling like a proper artist. I know this sounds pure corny but when you are a freelance portfolio careered person, you spend so much time writing applications to have these few days here and there of creation and I suppose that moment in December was me reaping the reward for those days. Next week it will be back to my many hatted life. Oh how the choreographer/performer hat feels so niiiiiiceee.

At the moment Anwar and I have loosely scripted the whole show. I am now supposed to be finishing it off before a read through tomorrow but instead I am on here, talking to you… who are you…. you are you…. We are also compiling a list of props and set…. most of the stuff I am going to need to get from home in Ireland, as I want to include as much of my own shibazzle as I can.

Also tomorrow we have Aletta Collins coming. Shiver me timbers I love this woman and I am too excited that she said yes to helping to mentor the process too….. I am one lucky lady. Blessed as the holy would say.

Also to add to our collaborator list is Raymond Tait- who will be writing us some original music for the show. Too excited.

Right I must now get some sleep….. speak tomoz

2 thoughts on “Creation Station

  1. Go SaZZle!!
    Can’t wait to one day see your Jason show.
    I’ll be visiting London the first week of April, so may be able to catch you then.

    1. Well hopefully one day I may bring it to Oz!! Wouldn’t that be good!!! Yes you me in April for sure xx

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