OMGOODNESS WE DID IT!!! (gushy post alert)


photo by The People Pile

It is with the HUGEST AMOUNT of IMMENSE excitement and PRIDE and with ALL THE EMOTION in all of my body to announce that we have been successful in our latest G4A Application from Arts Council England​….. This means so many things….

It will allow me to FINALLY create and premiere a new show for Moxie Brawl, History of Ireland along with touring existing work Windibops, It Started with Jason Donovan and develop a new solo show, My Feminist Boner. It also allows me to further investigate BSL as a creative element to my work in addition to improving access for audiences. Finally, the grant will allow me to take some time to refine my company and our messaging.

So many people to thank. Biggest thanks to go to Candoco Dance Company, Hannah Dye, Cath James, Marianne Mogendorff and South East Dance but largest thanks of all goes to Queen Anne Rieger– girl had my back. Girl got me through this. I swear to God never have I ever met a fiercer angel like her!

I am so lucky to be supported by you all. THANK YOU.

Oh this is so gushy- I won’t apologise. I feel so grateful and lucky. Haaaa gosh I am such a dick.

And look, I know this mofo job is never plain sailing. It took two attempts to get this. Thats 12 months of planning, 4 months of writing, 3 months of waiting, 2 weeks of re writing, 3 months of waiting but now I promise I am going to cherish this time. It’s not all rosy posy as we didn’t get another chunk of funding so we will be crowdfunding (apologies in advance) but I just feel it’s so possible now. Thank you Arts Council England for supporting us. We got this.






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