Another Week In the studio Nearly Over & TIX ON SALE

Where is the time going??? Tomorrow is our last day before we have a week off. Then we will spend a week in production at Trinity Laban’s Laurie Grove!!! EEEESCH!

At the end of each week, the show transforms into something that would have been unrecognisable the week before. I suppose this is highlighted as our collaborators pop in but it has also been quite a brain mushing process. Trying to fit character, narrative, historical stories and dance into one show has been a challenge. We are getting there moment by moment…. literally.

I am not normally in the moxie shows and directing from within was never going to be easy but amongst all the brain ache I haven’t laughed this much in a studio in an age. I love our team.

Last Friday we were invited by Rebecca Davies and Eva Sajovic from The People’s Bureau to perform something we have been working on at the Tate Modern. We had such a good time. THANK YOU FOR HAVING US. Check out what Rebecca and Eva are up to. They are always doing something pure amaze.

If you fancy catching the show. You can watch a preview at GLYPT on 28th October alongside a performance I am creating on their Progression Group. Book your tickets HERE.

If you are aged between 16 and 29 and fancy working with me for a week to create the piece that will be performed alongside Moxie Brawl, have a look at this opportunity HERE.



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