Hello Everyone

Where has the time gone? Last week we finally got the show from studio onto the stage in the glorious Trinity Laban Laurie Grove Studios.

Playing around with props and set is ya know…. something we should have been doing back in week 1- but we only got everything sorted this past week so although its been great it is also a bit unsettling. Not only are we only we getting to grips with the ever changing (my fault) script but now we have costumes and props so its all feeling a bit wild at the mo but we are OK! Haaaaaa…..

On Friday we had a sharing which gave us an opportunity to get a feel for it in front of an audience. So good to do, and we got some really great feedback which we can put in place for next week and also some things that will have to wait till next time.

I think one thing that I have learnt this past year and become more relaxed about is the reality that you can only do so much. And some times when time is limited you have to choose wisely what you want to focus on.

Here are some pics of the past week, even a sneak peak of the Pari Naderi and David McCormick (Snakeoil Media) who were in taking pics and filming…. promo coming soon.

Come along next week to GLYPT!!!!!!

The characters in the show have a message for you:

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