Hey my Beauties

What a rush!!! We had the best time performing my favorite show ever HISTORY OF IRELAND at the Spiegeltent (&Bosco) at Brighton Fringe this year. Not only did we get nominated for a Brighton Fringe award (BOOYA) we got a few awesome reviews:

Here is one of my favorites from Fringe Review written by Nadia Strahan: http://fringereview.co.uk/review/brighton-fringe/2019/history-of-ireland/ 

“In the current climate where the platform for Feminism is much broader than in previous decades and many issues are in the spotlight, it is refreshing to see some of them delivered with such a light touch, whilst not shying away from their political importance”

Big shout out to the fantastic cast and crew Naomi Gray, Paul Bryce, Leon Smith, Felix Denton, Malene Becker & Maeve McGreevy.

I am in love with you all and so lucky to work with you.

Lets not talk about how I packed my mobile phone into the props box that was on its way to Kent……… whilst I was on a train to Cumbria…….

Speak soon


S xx

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