Check out the new vid about our PUNK ALLEY R&D

Wahooo!!! Its out nowww!

Lets just talk for a moment. So this process was revelationary (is that even a word?, no) for me. I had the best time working on this R&D. The artists I was working with were Brigitte Aphrodite (babe), Quiet Boy (legend), Kitty Fedorec (star), Tanja Erhart (queen) and Kirsty Green (cave woman). We all worked so beautifully together. We had the most awesome Access Worker (and artist in her own right) Neelam Saradia- Brayley working with us which made the process so easy. IT WAS HEAVEN. IT WAS CHILL. IT WAS SOOOOO FREAKING EXCITING… I get goosebumps thinking about it. SERIOUSLY. We are in a band now. The band is called The Lazurr Tuts haaa!! Ah the joy I found from singing has been so much that I might burst the next time I am in a room with them all.

We were also lucky with the timing. The Art Gods (probs Elvis, David etc) looked down and made our dates fit around Corona. Our rehearsal period stopped on a Wednesday and everything went into lockdown about 1.5 weeks later.

Anyways I loved working with everyone on this show. I really hope to get back into the studio as soon as we possibly can. I don’t even want to think about what that actually means. I mean, I have already but I don’t want to face it right now. So for now…. lets have a wee watch and reminisce about all the good times:



Hugest of thanks to Arts Council England, Cambridge Junction, artsdepot, Susie Tate Projects, the drawing shed, All Change and Pulse Studios E17.


Speak soon


S x


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