YESSSS Its true! For some people who know me its not a surprise, ¬†as I am always larking about on the instagram stories pretending that I am blogger. Well now, I am! Waaah! And for those who don’t know me you wouldn’t know so HELLOOOOOOOO!!!

Thanks to the Surf The Wave Response Pot who I applied to, to start my youtube channel, I was able to make it happen. I feel very very lucky

The channel will be a mixture of behind the scenes as a freelance performer and choreographer/professional idiot along with my fave face masks and fashion must haves…. LOLZZZZ.

As I write this, we are two sleeps away from the launch of my first video and in the run up I created 2 little teasers. Here they are:


It will be an interesting journey on learning how this all works and how I can actually use this as a new way to generate income along side my career. Or should I say as part of my career. Covid has made us all re think how we are doing things and I find it very exciting to be able to use another way to be creative and to show off and do what I enjoy.


Lets do this


Sarah x

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