Join me for a chat and a brew at Trip the Light Fantastic TV


Hey Babes,

Join me, Sarah Blanc, for the first ever coffee morning of the first ever online TripSpace festival 2020 where we will get close, comfy and set intentions for the weekend ahead and beyond. I invite you to bring your questions and ask Contemporary Dance‚Äôs Sweetheart (that’s me) anything you want. I have a Gold Medal in Optimism, a BA(hons) in Looking on the Bright Side and Masters in Nail Art.

How can we turn this current sh!t storm into a glitter storm? Or in the words of an academic how can we subverse the current disastrous conditions to something that we can truly develop and grow from. That wasn’t even academic but for me it was a bit.
See you soon.
Don’t be late.
Bring a brew.

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