Jane is our new dance theatre outdoor show for four women that celebrates Jane Morris. With outrageous wigs, blue costumes, mesmerising choreography and cheeky performers- this show will brighten up any space it is performed in.

Jane was an embroiderer and muse for many artists, most namely William Morris and Dante Gabriel Rossetti during the 19th century.

In this new 25 minute family show, four identical Janes will embody the different sides of her personality as they use dance and puppetry to create larger than life characters with their dresses.  With a mixture of modern and classical music, we celebrate the female experience of this time and let the piece explore the power play between the artist and the subject.

Audiences can view the show from 3 sides but we will also have a walk about version, to catch passersby. The dresses are so visual that they lend themselves to the performance mode being versatile and therefore being a more exciting offer to potential festival programmers.

Performers: Tanja Erhart, Kat Hawkins, Maeve McGreevy, Hannah Courtney & Natasha Julien.

First R&D with commission from Metal Culture in 2018 and performed ideas at The Space In- Between at Unlimited Festival. In 2019 it was developed and previewed at Offbeat festival in Oxford, Walthamstow Garden Party and Art night 2019. Supported by Arts Council England, the drawing shed, WFCulture.

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