Saoirse Ní Bháin

An Irish lady rapper living in London who makes Viarys (video diaries) about her life. Off camera she likes to host events and perform at cabaret shows.

Ireland’s latest export.

Ní Bháin discovered her freestyling talents at an early age and was thrown out of the local church choir for trying to beat box over the hymns. She was quoted to have said that she blames Whoopi Goldberg and her swag for this incident. Pre London Saoirse could often be seen dancing and rapping down the pasture with the cattle and her three legged sheep dog ‘Shep’. In February 2012 she moved to London to try and develop her talents. Since arriving she has been immersing herself in the arts scene and creates freestyling raps in response to her experiences. All of which can be seen here on youtube channel.

Past Events

  • People Pile Pile On November 2012
  • Hosted Refresh At The Place Feb 2013
  • Hosted Pool Nights for Hiru Dance June 2013
  • Saoirse Riverdance at Bellyflop Fringe for Dance Umbrella October 2013
  • Hosted a charity event at the Buddhist Centre December 2013
  • Saoirse Riverdance with The People Pile at The Secret Garden Party July 2014
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