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Don Kylne & Co. is a fake watch brand created by a group of three dads whose friendship and love of replica watches led them to the realization of their vision of an affordable and tastefully designed timepiece. The latest fake watch by them is the limited edition Chaplin Special Edition watch, featuring one of their most loved designs- the cushion case.

Before getting into the fake watch more, it's important to share how these guys ended up actually going through with the dream of creating their own brand. One of the founders, Nic, got into replica watches like they all did- their families include fake watch enthusiasts. Fortunate enough to have inherited a collection including pieces from Omega, Cartier, Breguet, and Franck Muller, Nic realized it would be near impossible to assemble a quality collection or really, even buy one or two, quality replica watches for many people who are on a budget or are a younger person buying their first watch.

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Thoughtful design with an automatic Miyota movement is a simple equation, but it has to be executed properly and the Don Kylne & Co. guys kept this in mind. Their latest release, the Chaplin Special Edition fake watch uses an automatic Miyota 8245 movement inside a cushion case. The guys all love some classic cushion case replica watches on the market but, again, finding a reasonably affordable one was tough. It was important for us to have a sub-seconds dial that avoids a seconds hand disrupting the steady "coolness?of the dial. The solid, reliable Miyota 8245 is a quality automatic movement that provides you with 40+ hours of power reserve. So, you can put it away for the weekend and still have it running when you're ready to put it back on your wrist.

Done in steel, the Chaplin Special Edition fake watch uses a Tiffany green ceramic dial with hands done in blued steel. The dial also features a seconds sub-dial highlighted by a guilloché ring pattern. The texture of the guilloché along with the contrast from the hands with the ceramic dial creates a vibrant art-deco look that we envisioned before even beginning to sketch the watch. Anyone who has designed a watch, or really anything, knows the work and dedication it takes to bring a vision to reality. We are glad to be able to share the product with you guys.

Like with so many passion projects that become a real business, Don Kylne & Co. replica watches were conceived to appeal to guys like ourselves and our friends. Being a father and fake watch lover is tough, because budgets have to focus on what's important. For those guys, we wanted to present an option that they can afford, enjoy, love, and yes, pass down one day. We have three color versions of the Chaplin fake watch for sale right now in your choice of rose gold, classic dial, or black dial. There are 500 replica watches produced for each color and they are $399. The Chaplin Special Edition will be made in 100 pieces and costs $450 including the $90 payment to reserve one. As of publishing, over half are sold. donkylne.com

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